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The Grain


Think creatively, perform exponentially

The story behind the company name “The Grain” comes from a famous tale about the origins of chess. The inventor of the game – a wise man – presented it to the king of India. The king was so impressed that he said to the man: “Name your reward!”

The wise man replied: “My wishes are simple. Give me one grain of rice for the first square of the chessboard, two grains for the next square, four for the next, eight for the next and so on… until all squares are filled”. The king laughed at the man asking for such a small award, but agreed. The king did not realize that the total number of grains would add up to enough rice to feed the whole world for over two centuries.

The wise man had been very creative in coming up with this reward. Unlike the king, who was stuck in linear thinking, the man knew what a huge leap he could take with an exponential mindset.


Unlocking human potential by embracing technology and driving industrial renaissance

With all the technological innovations coming together today, we are at a historical crossroads. Some fear these technological innovations. We say that technology is an enabler, not an enemy. People are good at certain things; computers and machines outperform in other areas. But combining human skills with smart technology is what makes exponential growth possible. And that is precisely our vision: to unlock human potential by embracing technology and creating the smartest version of every individual. For industry, that means realizing the smartest version of every engineer, planner, operator, and technician. We drive this industrial renaissance by introducing and facilitating the use of AI within daily operations. Just like a wrench, AI should be part of your toolbox.


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The Grain is a technology company focused on building AI applications for the industry.

We enable companies to have a lasting impact by making analytics usable, scalable and visible within operations. We unlock human potential by embracing technology and supporting your workforce in doing their day-to-day tasks better, faster, and smarter.


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These clients have chosen The Grain. With our unique combination of in-depth industry knowledge and data science, we guarantee client satisfaction every time around. Our clients range from large corporations to small businesses and OEMs across a range of industries.

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