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Use Checkmate to optimize your production planning & scheduling and increase your OTIF with 12%

Go for more On Time Deliveries.

Customer satisfaction is a key driver of business success, and it is essential to meet or exceed customer expectations to remain competitive in today's market. OTIF (On-Time-In-Full) measures the percentage of orders that are delivered to customers on time and in full.

A well-planned production schedule can help improve OTIF scores by ensuring that products are produced and delivered according to the agreed-upon schedule and in the desired quantity and quality. Companies that continously pursue a high OTIF score can improve customer satisfaction and build a loyal customer base

How to satisfy customers with Checkmate?

Rely on computing power and optimization technology to fulfil your customer orders on time

  • Make stock policies an integral part of your production plan so you don't run out of stock for your MTS products.
  • Always produce as close as possible to your theoretical capacity
  • Automatic order prioritization in function of due dates, service levels and importance of orders.
  • Quickly respond to changing internal and external conditions and timely adjust your production plan

Checkmate - OTIF
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Making the complex simple 

The Grain combines state-of-the-art data analytics & optimization techniques with years of experience in supply chain processes. We realise that every production environment is confronted with its own specific issues. Our team of process & optimization experts is able to understand those specifics and build a model to deal with it and embed it in the Checkmate application. We also realise that planners are no mathematicians or programmers, and are under constant pressure to adjust plans. That is exactly the reason why we want to hide away all that complexity and provide planners with an easy to use and intuitive application.

AI and the planner hand in hand

The capacity of computers to solve planning problems far exceeds that of the human brain. However, ensuring that algorithms get the right inputs is not possible without the help of experienced production planners. Capturing all planning expertise in a knowledge system is essential for building a loop between human planners and AI systems. The more an AI system can learn from planners, the better and more comprehensive its recommendations become to support the planners in their role

Technology alone does not provide the ultimate solution. Expert knowledge in combination with technology is still the key to success. That's where Checkmate makes the difference.

Screenshot 2022-03-04 at 14.52.00

With Checkmate, we have set a new standard for production planning & scheduling.

Checkmate is a modular toolkit able to handle planning problems and optimization challenges of any size or complexity without compromising on user experience and planning convenience



The Grain success stories

These clients have chosen The Grain. With our unique combination of in-depth industry knowledge and data science, we guarantee client satisfaction every time around. Our clients range from large corporations to small businesses and OEMs across a range of industries.